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Robin of Loxsley returns from the holy land, to find Nottingham in pieces under the rule of the new Sheriff. He leads a band of outlaws to fight the Sherrif and help the people of Nottingham, all whilst falling in love again with his ex-finance Marian.
Returning from five years of fighting in the crusades, Robin of Locksley and his manservant Much discover their beloved home under the rule of the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. To fight the tyranny, Robin becomes the leader of a band of outlaws with Will Scarlett, Allan A Dale, Royston White, Little John, and Djaq. Meanwhile, feisty Lady Marian inspires the love of both her childhood sweetheart Robin and the Sheriff's second-in-command Sir Guy of Gisborne. Later episodes find the addition of friends and foes such as Prince John, warrior monk Tuck, village girl Kate, Guy's sister Isabella, and mysterious Archer.
BBC-America knows what people want to see – great-looking male British actors, smart, tender, often witty script, multiple subtexts, something to learn about what is already familiar. All the elements are here in Robin Hood. The men are mostly young, lean, boyish, masculine. It's a homosocial world, where the guys care for each other. They have a mission–generosity ("Steals from the rich and gives to the poor")–they have each other and really love each other. A merry band is like a fraternity. They fight hard, cuddle each other when needed. Fortunately, they haven't heard of strict gender dimorphism. Then there are the wonderful subtexts: Holy Wars as a prelude to ongoing conflicts between Islam and the West; Robin (originally nobility) who has an admiring, loving vassal; Robin woos Marion, who isn't seductive; the Sheriff is hateful because he really likes his side-kick, Guy, who is a classic, dark handsome guy and is very ambivalent about the Sheriff's meanness and unexpressed feelings for him and the other guys. Marion and Robin are more about the same social problem (poverty) than each other, but she's going to lose out if she doesn't one day kiss Robin. The guys are fine, trained actors, not models turned TV sitcom players (the American way). They wear tight jackets and trousers, have clear, penetrating eyes, don't smile continually. Long hair, athleticism, guys caring about each other, people who need and, finally, the lady–in that order. A series about nine women stealing and giving? No. Beautiful!
it is an amazing series at first there are fancy tricks to draw you in, but as the series settles the stories become more in-depth. That is to say that the sword fights are brilliantly done, and i love the archery in it. I didn't think anything could top 'prince of thieves' but the fact that this is a serial allows for us to get to know the characters better, and for them to develop over time. Episode 7 'brothers in arms' is my favourite, its exciting,gripping and i had no idea how it would end.It is very impressive, from the sets to the actors, who are brilliant. Keith Allan as the sheriff is class. and Jonas and Lucy are amazing as Robin and Marian. It is perfect viewing for a Saturday night.

The main characters who die during the course of the three seasons are Roy, Marian's father, Marian, Meg, Alan a Dale, Guy of Gisborne, Isabella, Vasey (the Sheriff) and Robin of Loxley (Robin Hood).
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